Healing gastritis with simple dietary changes


  • What is gastritis?
  • Common causes
  • Top gastritis tips
    – Take a Probiotic & Antioxidants & Vitamin B12
    – Permanent dietary changes
    – Avoid the trigger foods and beverages
    – Change your eating habits and environment
  • Permanently improve gastritis

Looking to finally take control of your gastritis?

I completely understand. Going through pain makes you realize how much you’ve been neglecting your body and it’s time to make some serious changes.

It’s time to listen to your body and nourish it with care. 

But what works? And where to start?

Even though there is no magic pill for gastritis, there are a couple of simple and effective hacks you can easily implement one at a time.

What is gastritis?

Gastritis is a general term for a group of conditions with one thing in common: inflammation of the lining of the stomach. This damages the mucus lined barrier and allows strong, acidic digestive juices to inflame stomach lining.

If left untreated, gastritis can develop into stomach ulcers and stomach bleeding. 

Your doctor probably already prescribed you the required medication for gastritis.

On top of your meds, you may also want to make some changes in your personal choices including diet, smoking, overuse of alcohol and other alternatives as the medication may not get rid of your gastritis symptoms alone.

Antacid pills may mask gastritis symptoms, but diet tweaks can heal the gut naturally.

Common causes

The most common causes of gastritis are:

  • Taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen.
  • Drinking alcohol excessively
  • Smoking
  • Infection of the stomach with Helicobacter pylori bacteria
  • Erosion of the protective layer of the stomach lining

There are also less common causes of gastritis. These include:

  • Eating or drinking corrosive substances (such as poisons)
  • Backflow of bile into the stomach (bile reflux)
  • Autoimmune disorders 
  • Excess gastric acid secretion (stress-related) 
  • Viral infection, (viral gastroenteritis) linked with a weak immune system

Gastritis can occur suddenly (acute gastritis) or gradually (chronic gastritis).

Top Gastritis Tips

Home remedies for healing gastritis and H. Pylori are in huge abundance and you can find 100’s of useful articles on Google.

But, I want to share four very important dietary and environmental changes that every person with gastritis should implement.

The following are:

  • Take a probiotic, antioxidant & Vitamin B12
  • Permanent dietary changes
  • Avoid the trigger foods and beverages
  • Change how you eat and your environment

Take a Probiotic & Antioxidants & Vitamin B12

Probiotics contain beneficial bacteria that colonize the soft lining of the intestinal tract and help in the healing process of the digestive tract. 

One common consequence of gastritis is insufficient nutrient absorption. Probiotics do just that! They help you re-populate the good bacteria and maintain healthy gut flora.

Actually, if you have gastritis or suffered a stomach inflammation you should consume:

  • Probiotics 
  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamin B12 supplement (Find out more: vegan/ non-vegan

You can find probiotics in fermented foods, including yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, and sourdough bread are popular and accessible choices. If you are not a fan of fermented foods and want fast healing treatment, take a probiotic. Just thrive probiotic reviews

In fact, there is a probiotic supplement that produces antioxidants and powerful carotenoids in the digestive system. Just Thrive Probiotic (find out more) contains a patented strain called Bacillus Indicus HU36® is a bacteria to be thankful for.

Permanent dietary changes 

There is no magic pill or a hack to healing inflammation of the stomach. 

Gastritis is a long-term healing process that needs consistency and dedication. 

And so, developing realistic dietary changes will increase the chances of continuing with a healthier diet plan compared to an extremely restricted diet plan.

Book a free 30-minute session with a Gut Nutritionist to help you out with your diet plan.

While it’s not easy and requires a substantial amount of work, becoming symptom-free can be accomplished!

Go back to basics and focus on anti-inflammatory whole foods. Introduce plenty of fruit, vegetables, herbs, roots, natural healthy fats, and proteins.

Creating recipes you enjoy using only natural foods will help you obtain a long-term healthy dietary change while healing gastritis.

Include some of the following when healing the stomach inflammation and will ease gastritis symptoms of nausea, stomach pain, burning, bloating, and heartburn:

Cooking tip: Include probiotic supplement suitable for cooking, without getting destroyed by the heat or stomach acids.

Avoid the trigger foods and beverages

People with gastritis often know what doesn’t work well with their stomach. And if you don’t, no worries there is an easy way to figure it out. 

Create a food diary for 2 to 4 weeks. Record everything you eat and drink and note the time and day. Leave out one column for tracking your symptoms. 

Download the Food Record Template.

Focus on any common gastritis symptoms such as bloating, abdominal pain, cramps, indigestion, nausea, hiccups and burning feeling in the stomach. Also, pay attention to your bowel movement.

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Once you have enough weeks of recorded food intake, search for correlations between foods consumed and the symptoms you experienced afterwards. 

When analyzing a food record for a client, I like to highlight any red flags that keep popping up. 

For example, if the client repeatedly experiences bloating after consuming something high in sugar, such as sweets, baked goods or fizzy drinks, it’s highly probable the sugar is the culprit of that symptom.

Change your eating habits and environment

Changing your eating habits and the environment will have a tremendous impact on your recovery. 

Setting yourself guidelines and improving your environment to a healthier setup will help you achieve your health goals. 

Begin with small goals and change a little bit at a time. This way you won’t get overwhelmed or frustrated which leads to going to your bad old habits.

For example, start with an easy change such as drinking green tea every morning or complete a 15-minute meditation station when you wake-up. 

Here are a couple of ideas you can implement gradually:

  • Eat slowly. Chew at least 20 times before swallowing.
  • Use chopsticks to slow you down and consume less in longer time.
  • Eat at regular times (this means getting up at the same time).
  • Use a smaller plate to avoid overeating.

Permanently improving gastritis

Healing gastritis requires a great deal of patience and commitment to change your old habits. It’s about improving the whole you and preventing gastritis comeback. 

Gradually introducing small baby steps into your regular routine, in order to develop long-term sustainable lifestyle habits are more effective and reachable.

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